Dr.Orkun Karabasoglu

     Dr. Karabasoglu received his PhD and M.Sc. in Mechanical engineering fromCarnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 2013. Later on, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the Mechatronics Research Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
     He is the founder & CEO of a tech start-up, Noderix Technology, focusing on developing IoT devices and software tools for applications in the fields of transportation, energy, safety, production, meteorology, and smart city. He is also an Assistant Professor at the Industrial Engineering Department of Yasar University. Before joining Yasar University, he worked at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University’s Joint Institute of Engineering (JIE) with Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China. He founded and served as the director of The Laboratory for Intelligent Vehicles and Energy Systems (previously affiliated with JIE) which was an externally funded research program. Following that, he worked as the Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Computer Science Department of Beijing Jiaotong University in China. Dr. Karabasoglu also serves as an advisor in the blockchain space. Currently, he is the AI & blockchain advisor at Cryptics building automated trading strategies using machine learning approaches.
     His expertise is in the fields of optimization, machine learning and IoT with an applied focus on electrified vehicles and smart grid. His team at MIT won the “Innovative Research Analysis Award” with a project on intelligent control of the smart grid. He co-taught “Optimization in Energy Networks” and “Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems” at Carnegie Mellon University. He designed and taught a new course on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles at JIE and several other courses at Beijing Jiaotong University such as “Introduction to Computer Science”, “Programming in Java”, and “Research & Innovation in Engineering. At Yaşar University, he teaches “Algorithms and Computation”, “Business Dynamics”, “Machine Learning”, “Probability” and “Data Mining” related courses. He was the co-organizer of 9th Annual Carnegie Mellon Conference on the Electricity Industry. He was one of the 10 faculty across US to win Israeli Faculty Fellowship in 2014. He was selected as one of the prominent figures by Foshan Government’s Faces of the Year 2015. He was the guest editor for IEEE Design & Test Magazine Special Issue on Energy and Power Management for Electric Vehicles. He has published more than 25 peer reviewed journal and conference papers and has 8 patent applications in US and China. His research has been featured in Bloomberg, Reuters, Fox42 News, Green Car Congress, Environmental Leader, The Wall Street Journal, EV World and etc. He has been interviewed for a documentary on electric vehicles aired by Italian State Television. His expert opinion on Turkey’s first automobile was covered by major Turkish newspapers and TV.
     Apart from academics, Dr. Karabasoglu has a keen interest in skydiving and scuba diving. He has organized a number of skydiving and networking events in Pittsburgh, USA that attracted hundreds of participants. His recent interest is flying helicopters